A World of Churro Possibilities

A Simply Delicious New Brand

¡Hola! Churros® will be the master brand for all existing J&J Snack Foods churros products, including Tio Pepe’s® Churros and California Churros®. We are happy to offer both corn and flour-based churros in North America.

Authentic Spanish Recipe

Previously California Churros®

Authentic and cake-like, this churro is a go-to for menu creativity. It’s available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be ordered with delicious fillings ranging from Bavarian cream to fruit.

Size / ShapeFilling
3" Loop ChurrosNone
10" Traditional ChurrosNone
16" King Size ChurrosNone
Churros Bites - approx 500None
Mini SizeNone
Regular Size - 100None
Churro Bun 3.5 oz.None
King SizeNone
Regular Size - 50None
Authentic Loop Churro 3"None
Apple - 50 ct.Apple
Bavarian - 50 ct.Bavarian Creme
Strawberry - 50 ct.Strawberry
Cajeta - 50 ct.Cajeta
Strawberry - 100 ct.Strawberry
Bavarian - 100 ct.Bavarian
Cajeta 100 ct.Cajeta

Crispy Southwest Recipe

Previously Tio Pepe’s®

This crispy style churro has a light and fluffy interior with a crispy exterior. These churros can be ordered in a variety of sizes and with delicious fillings.

Size / ShapeFilling
10" With or Without Cinnamon SugarNone
16" Double Twisted with or without Cinnamon SugarNone
Double TwistedNone
King Size ChurrosNone
Regular Size ChurrosNone
Regular Churros w/ Cinn/Sug PacketNone
Kins Size Churros w/ Cinn/Sug PacketNone
Double Twisted Churros King SizeNone
Double Twisted Churros Reg Size w/ Cinn/Sug PacketNone
51% Whole Grain and Individually WrappedNone
51% Whole Grain Apple - 1.9 oz. / BulkApple
51% Whole Grain Raspberry - 1.9 oz. / BulkRaspberry
51% Whole Grain Cinnamon - 1.9 oz. / BulkNone
51% Whole Grain Apple - 1.9 oz. - I/WApple
51% Whole Grain Raspberry - 1.9 oz. - I/WRaspberry
51% Whole Grain Cinnamon - 1.48 oz. - I/WNone